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Insights (Blog)

What's in a title anyway? Stop Sand-bagging! - Adam Parrish
Lead Software Engineer, Senior Software Programmer, Junior Developer, all valid titles that we see all the time, but does it actually mean anything? Really we should stop this quantification of leadership in our titles as it ...
The Interview Process is Broken, how we can change it - Adam Parrish
Recently a friend of mine took some time off and hiked around the world to places you can only see when you dedicate a huge amount of time. He went to Anapurna in Nepal saw some of Antartica.
Don't Feed the Trolls - Recruiters, Agents and Middlemen - Adam Parrish
I have committed a cardinal sin against what should be a foundational belief amongst software engineers and technologists in general. Recently I agreed to work with an intermediary company after spending year...
Akka Concurrency - Adam Parrish
Akka concurrency by Derek Wyatt I am so far on chapter 5 of Akka Concurrency as I weather my way up this mountain of knowledge that is Scala. Derek has done a great job so far of cre...


The Node JS build tool that was an instant win with a front-end stack. For the first time ever, build and CI for JavaScript feels like a first class activity.